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Mark (
Mon, 25 Feb 2002 23:18:04 -0500

At 11:18 AM -0400 2/20/02, Christopher Scharpf wrote:
>> I got a few last year in NY. Can't report much other than they seemed to
>> be undemanding, small, and peaceful in the aquarium. A good tank candidate.
>Thanks, Mark.
>Another question: what pH are you keeping them? In some localities pearl
>dace live in highly acidic, tannin-stained water. I'm wondering if that's a
>key to their healthy maintenance and captive spawning.

I'm not doing anything special with pH. My water tends to be hard and
alkaline to neutral. The pearl dace were caught in a stream that was
likely not acidic. It was fast flowing with riffle areas and much exposed
rock. Other species in the same area were:

variegate darter
banded darter
johnny darter
rainbow darter
white sucker

and many other common stream fishes that are not normally associated with
acidic or tannic waters. The pearl dace were found in a stranded pool
against the bank that was not mixing with the main stream flow at that
time, but was clearly part of the main flow when the water level was
higher. There were tree roots hanging in the pool which provided cover. I
did not find pearl dace in any of the flowing areas, only in that one pool.

Columbus Ohio USA

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