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Doug Dame (
Mon, 25 Feb 2002 18:11:18 -0500

Moon wrote (in part) :

>> , brindled madtom, bumble bee catfish, mountain
>> loach, ropefish, dragonfish, five freshwater flounders
>> and a popeyed mullet. yes I like an eclectic fish
>> population.


I caught a 1" freshwater flounder on Friday. I've caught some before, but kept them in the backroom (until they succumbed), but this one I put with a bunch of other new fish in a living room 55 (that was conspicuously underpopulated) ... and this one is very odd, spends a significant amount of time in the moderately strong current outflow from the pro-magnum filter, basically just soaring in place like an aquatic buzzard ... five inches from the top of the water column. I'm not sure he knows he's a flounder ... you know, a BOTTOM fish.

Anyway .... I am wandering my way to a question here ... namely ... what it is that you have found that they like to eat ? Everyone else in the tank is chowing down on BBS and mini-crumb pellets, but I don't think he's gotten either of those ideas yet.


Doug Dame
Interlachen FL

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