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Doug Dame (
Thu, 07 Feb 2002 19:47:22 -0500

Sailfin Bob wrote:

>> As the Scharpfmeister mention, I'm really into sailfin mollies.
>> Any of you know of any good brackish water locals for collecting
>> them? Like maybe a salt marsh inside a State Park?
>> Would anyone know how Soutch Carolina sailfins might compare
>> in color and size to the Florida variety? Would it be worth an eight
> > hour drive to get some to cross with my domestic stock?

I know mollies thrive in brackish water, but hereabouts in north central Florida I also routinely catch them in water with essentially zero salt content. For example, two week ago I got a bunch just off Orange Lake, which is perhaps 50 miles as the crow flies from the Gulf and 70 miles from the Atlantic (right by Interstate-75, between Gainesville and Ocala.) And they're even as common as Gambusia in some of the little streams that run right though downtown Gainesville (even in places where the natural stream has been made into a concrete chute). They're in the Sante Fe River. They're in the pristine Itchnetucknee River, 3 miles from the headspring. They're .... well, everywhere ( I want to be !)

I wasn't sure where you are ... were you talking about an 8-hr drive from S.C. to Florida, or vice versa ?

Doug Dame
Interlachen FL

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