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You mean the Bigmouth Banker right. This is a schooling species with all the
charm of a school of piranha. They feed on sake and raw fish laced heavily
with wasabi. Should one be caught they will go into a self destructive
feeding frenzy and attack the wounded individual. They have been known to
attack female bathers during mating season and when their nest is

>Ed :
>I understand that Japan has a similar problem .....the Largemouth Banker
>Fish. You can find them anywhere a bank is located. All you need for
>them is a bottle of Sake and a handful of Yen. Gee willikers I wonder if
>they are related to our species.I was told that they don't put up much
>of a fight and have a tendency to commit Hari Kiri when caught.
>Probably the same genus but different species (smaller but very
>voracious feeders). Have a good evening mine friend . <VBG>
>Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler'

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