RE: NANFA-- Sweden Cove, TN, could be cool...

Ken Wintin (
Sun, 3 Feb 2002 06:11:42 -0800

I am not FROM Marion County, Tenn. I can prove it, as I only have five
fingers on each hand and five toes on each foot, and my family tree is not
a circle. I did, however, live there for about a year and a half, back in
the 70's, growing cute little house plants.
What jewel of a town, South Pittsburgh. I think that the height of
they're history was when, back in the forties, the county and city police
squared off over a mining labor dispute. As I recall, only a couple of
people were killed. Actually I rather enjoyed it, and love the country
around there.
By the way, there was another good creek near there, which I think Sweden
Creek runs into. It is Battle Creek, and has nothing to do with Michigan
or Kellogg's cereal. It was larger, and colder, and held some pretty nice
trout. Maybe we should get the Caspernator to take us there sometime when
the weather is good.

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Subject: NANFA-- Sweden Cove, TN, could be cool...
didn't know anyone was really _from_ Marion County, TN, but I'm grateful
the tip!

--Bruce Stallsmith

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