RE: NANFA-- Dambusia

Hoover, Jan J ERDC-EL-MS (
Sun, 2 Feb 2003 16:41:03 -0600

John wrote:
>>>I've been told by an authorative source that the populations in texas are
introduced and not native.<<<

Chris wrote:
>>>According to the AFS's checklist of southeastern fishes, Gambusia affinis
native to several drainages in Texas, including Galveston Bay, Brazos River,
Colorado River, San Antonio Bay, and Nueces River.<<<

Jan writes:
Literature on San Antonio exotics does not indicate that Gambusia is
introduced. Its possible, however, that G. holbrooki was stocked. I have
not seen it reported, but it may have slipped by undetected.
We were collecting in the San Antonio River last week and noticed that the
Gambusia there had small but distinctive spots (or specks) on their sides
(not the piebald melanism seen in Florida populations). I have not seen the
specimens since they were preserved and do not know if the pigment pattern
survives formalin and alcohol. We'll check them out, though, and look for
gonopodial teeth and spots.
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