Re: NANFA-- That whole sandbed thing.

Todd Crail (
Sun, 2 Feb 2003 21:47:29 -0500

Hey John, thanks for jumping in :)

I think it would be fair to point out as well, that Diana also recognizes
that the potential for those minerals in the soil substrates has a lifetime
much shorter than the other materials (the big substrate change and recycle
in 2 years). This is why I chose to go with sand and the Flourite and add
nutrients as desired, as opposed to starting off with a surplus of nutrition
that dwindles away. And also skip on the big nasty cycle process. This was
the only variation I've made yet tho... I love the rest of it :)

----- Original Message ----- ,
> I would think that a layer of potting clay would wind up going anaerobic
> at some point. I don't think that exotic
> materials are necessary for planted tanks. Diana Walstad states that
> there is sufficient Fe and other micro
> nutrients in soils that exotic materials such as Laterite, flourite,
> potting clays etc are unnecessary. You
> should be able to use the soil in your back yard! Or your neighbor's :-)
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