Re: NANFA-- That whole sandbed thing.

Todd Crail (
Wed, 5 Feb 2003 10:38:05 -0500

Yeah. There's no substitute for water change. But it's a nice idea that it
wouldn't have to happen weekly, as it was going in the past :)

I'd really like to get a Lamotte or Hach test kit, but since I had to throw
the "The fish don't need to suffer because we're poor right now" Ace to get
the Tetra kit... You know... ;)

I was talking with a fella the other night who'd said Innes was a huge
proponent of deeper sandbeds for planted aquaria back in the 50's. It would
be interesting to hit some of the books from that period and see what they
were thinking and what they found... And why this approach disappeared thru
the decades. Time to go to the downtown library! :)

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> Repeat after me "there is no substitute for water
> changes" lol. I don't think there is a serious
> aquarist alive who hasn't gotten behind on water
> changes. Could your tank use some more light?
> I believe the swords etc that I planted in sand in
> 1987ish grew like mad for about two weeks and then the
> roots died for some reason. I don't think it was
> substrate temps as it was summer, but lack of
> sufficient fertilized and enough light intensity are
> the likely culprits. We are really lucky to have
> access to so much information on the net about fish
> and plants.
> If you want an accurate Nitrate test kit, get a
> Lamotte! It will remind you of being in chemsitry
> class.
> Klaus
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