NANFA-- Real sportsmen don't wear waders

Al G Eaton (
Wed, 12 Feb 2003 07:22:37 -0800 (PST)

> >Yeah.... But it seems tho the further south you
> the thicker the neoprene
> >needs to be. I was looking at those Monster
> Florida trip photos and I just
> >couldn't figure it out. Here I had just got back
> from standing in literal
> >freezing water with just thin nylon waders with the
> normal neoprene footies
> >and I was just fine. But y'all were standing next
> to nice green saw
> >palmetos in 3 mil dressed like some eskimo that
> just ran thru a camouflage
> >factory. The green plants give you guys a rash or
> sumpin'? What's that all
> >about?

In order to be a true sportsman, you shouldn't wear
waders unless you are likely to die of hypothermia in
five minutes or less. If you aren't, then you should
collect in shifts and warm up during on-land time. I
mean how else is a self respecting gator, leech, or
fish going to have a chance to score!!!

Any water over 55 F around here is like being in
something tropical. Unless you can get windburn and
frosbite at the same time you really haven't been
collecting in winter.


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