NANFA-- RE: Frozen Worms

Bob Sinclair (
Wed, 12 Feb 2003 22:53:58 -0800


Courtesy of Bruce Scott, I've been keeping a batch of Dwarf Crayfish - Cambarellus
schufeldtii - for about a month. I swapped some local Threespine Sticklebacks for

Bruce recommended feeding chopped earthworms to the crayfish. I asked if he had ever
chopped and frozen a batch, but he reported using only freshly chopped worms. For
digging a couple of earthworms each day or so, then chopping them into small bits,
a bit of a I dug a batch, laid them out on a chopping board in our
kitchen, and
went at them with a long sharp knife until they were chopped very fine. Need I add
this was to wife Anne's absolute delight? :-)

It was a bit messy when I was done. I put the mess into very small zip-lock baggies,
have been whittling off small chunks when it's time for feeding. The crayfish appear
to like
them just fine. At least I haven't heard any complaints yet. ;-)

Bob Sinclair
Santa Barbara CA

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Subject: NANFA-- frozen worms

Does anyone puree' earth worms and freeze them for later use? If so how do
you go about it? Do you add lemon juice or any thing to help preserve the
worms? I was thinking of using night crawlers and freezing them in flat
sheets and breaking off small pieces but I have heard that earth worms don't
freeze well.


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