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Bob Sinclair (
Thu, 13 Feb 2003 17:49:42 -0800

Jay and All:

I haven't a clue how managing a webpage works...other than to assume
right off the top of my head that it's probably pretty much a thankless job,
and at times a bit of a pain in the ass.

I'm subscribed to a number of list Digests. Each of them, except for the
NANFA Digest, opens with a list of contents. Here's today's Digest
from <Turbo!> - the Saab car enthusiasts' list:

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turbo-digest Thursday, February 13 2003 Volume 01 : Number 10807

In this issue:

Re: FS: Super Aero Wheels + Goodies
Re: First 9-3 Sport Sedan seen...
Wiper relay from SAS
Re: First 9-3 Sport Sedan seen...
Re: FS: Super Aero Wheels + Goodies
Re: Wiper relay from SAS
Re: Expen$ive damn parts...
Re: Wiper relay from SAS
Re: Wiper relay from SAS
Re: First 9-3 Sport Sedan seen...
Re: What's the word on 9000 struts/shox???
Fwd: The Complete Military History of France

Turbo! digest home page:
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Send administrative requests to
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the message, unless you are sending the request from a different address
than the one that appears on the list. Include the word help in a
message to to get a list of other majordomo

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Thus, subscribers can scroll directly to the postings that appears to be of
particular interest to them. Don't know if this could be arranged for the
NANFA Digest, but I think it sure would be a welcome offering.

Bob Sinclair

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From: Jay DeLong <>
Subject: Re: NANFA-- keeping pygmy sunnies alive?

At 12:31 AM 2/13/2003 -0500, you wrote:
>Jay if you feel that these formatted discussions would be of benefit to the
>NANFA website, I can quickly convert them to the "NANFA style" and we can
>drop 'em in as we go. Might draw some people to the list as these
>conversations have been fantastic :)

I don't want to make that decision; that should come from everyone, but I
think "the best of the NANFA list" would be a valuable part of the page. I
wish more people would make contributions and suggestions. Over the years
it's been a real disappointment that people don't want to help out with the
webpage. About the only thing I ever get are complaints and I'm burnin'
out... :-)

Here are a couple cities in Washington: Puyallup and Sequim, pronounced
"pyoo al' up" and "squim"

- --
Jay DeLong
Olympia, WA


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