Re: NANFA-- "Zebra Perch" What is it?

unclescott (
Tue, 18 Feb 2003 19:32:06 -0600

I hope I'm really wrong. (Please pardon the odd fonts - results of cutting
and pasting)

Could the mystery fish be an old world immigrant, perhaps the zander or
sander - scientifically Stizostedion lucioperca or Sander lucioperca ?

One source on the google search (sorry, I forgot which one while trolling
for photos) suggested that the zander might be even more competative than
the American Stizostedion because they come from even more varied waters
than the American fish in the genus.

Mention as an exotic in the US can be found at

Fishing photos of large zander often show fish with no side stripes. Smaller
zander have numerous bars somewhat akin to those on the sides of the fish
pictured at the Jonah's Aquarium site. miniaturki.php zandarts.htm unterseite9/

As the genus Sander there are a lot of references and about 10 images
listed. For instance

a drawing comparing the sander and perch perciformesbig.htm

All the best,

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