NANFA-- and now for something entirely different...

Todd Crail (
Mon, 24 Feb 2003 12:42:31 -0500

Well the big Three - Oh is upon me here in July... In keeping with my long
tradition of being "difficult" I thought I would do something completely non
traditional for well mannered adults... Originally it was to have a pony
tail by the time I was 30, and since I was locked in midwestern Korporate
Amorica, that would have sufficed (and was company president sanctioned ;).

Since I'm no longer under that umbrella of unusual local tolerance, the
hairs fell a month ago. So I've been planning how to up the ante since.
I've determined a tatoo would be the perfect solution to my young life
crisis. The question was... What would the subject be?

While in the Keys this fall and visiting with fellow NANFAn Andy Borgia, we
took note of his tats that were reproductions from scientific illustrations
of rays, sharks, etc. They were to the point without becoming overwhelming
and quite distinct. My wife and I both liked them alot. I put the thought
away for a rainy day... The rainy day has now come :)

I was out the other day enjoying the Maumee River, doing a little rod and
reel fishing, a little dipnetting, a little mussel valve hunting all between
the big piles of ice... And it occurred to me. In the past I'd considered
darters, blue tangs, pretty fish ad nauseum. But I wanted to something
original, and while a darter tatoo would be original... It would be too
tempting to color (blackside darter was top of the list to help avoid the

I also wanted a subject that was in danger of loss in Ohio, something I that
could become a discussion instead of just "neat tat"... Or provided the
perfect answer to "why the _at_#$^ did you put that on your arm!??!"

And so as I was walking in nature's goodness last Friday... It occurred to
me. The perfect subject would be....

A brook lamprey.

I'm thinking of working it so it goes all the way around with the mouth
coming out of my deltoid heeheehee... We'll see. :)

So now why am I bothering you nice with this discussion...? Well I'm kinda
at a loss as to where to find illustrations of lampreys. I figure someone
out there would have a good book suggestion that I can check out at the
library and view for candidates. So... Any suggestions? :)


I hope you know that this will go down on your permenant record.
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