Re: NANFA-- What to do with fry

Bob Muller (
Sat, 14 Feb 2004 14:20:50 -0500


The first time I breed darters (rainbows) I end up with several hundred
fry. They were donated to Detroit's public aquarium. I try to not raise
that many but I do have several near buy native fish people to give them to.
Also at the monthly meetings of the Greater Detroit Aquarium Soc. I
distribute fish to others, trying to get good breeders interested in
natives. If they are "native fish" southern Michigan the MI NANFA chapter
is helping out with a native tank in a nature center. They would go there.
On a fish like the Tuscaloosa darter which has a very small range I would
hope to get them into the hands of other native breeders so to keep them
available. The Tusks. by the way make terrible aquarium fish they hide all
the time. The common rainbow and greenside darters are much better aquarium
fish always in the open and active. I have been fascinated by darters since
I was a boy and enjoy breeding diff sp. and recording my observations. The
Tusks are the 12 sp. I have spawned. Waiting in the wing right now are KY.
snubnose and muscadine (only two fish hopefully a pair).

Bob Muller
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