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>Guidelines for the Use of Fishes in Research
>The new 2004 Guidelines were developed to help scientists develop
>realistic understandings of fish in the design and conduct of research
>on fish and fish habitats. The Guidelines provide a structure that
>ensures appropriate attention to valid experimental design and
>procedures while ensuring humane treatment of fish.
>Written by the 11-member Uses of Fishes in Research Committee, the
>Guidelines provide recommendations on field and laboratory activities,
>such as sampling, holding, and handling fishes; information on
>administrative matters, including regulations and permits; and advice on
>ethical questions such as perceptions of pain or discomfort that may be
>experienced by experimental subjects. The 53-page document now includes
>many listings of web sites of value.
>The Guidelines have been developed for use by researchers within the
>U.S.; therefore, the roles, responsibilities, and information needs of
>Institutional Animal Care and Use Committees are given specific
>attention. However, the principles described in the Guidelines are
>applicable to research on fishes everywhere.
>The Guidelines are available at:
>To order a printed copy of the Guidelines, contact:
>Aaron Lerner, Publications Manager
>American Fisheries Society
>5410 Grosvenor Lane
>Bethesda, MD 20814
>phone: 301-897-8616, ext. 231
>$7.00 per copy (includes shipping) within the United States
>$12.00 per copy (includes shipping) for mailing outside the United
>10 or more copies: $4.00 per copy within the United States and $7.00
>outside the United States
>Orders must be prepaid. Payment must be made in U.S. currency against a
>U.S. bank or paid by VISA or MasterCard.

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