Re: NANFA-- Flagfin-Bluehead hy....What!?
Sat, 21 Feb 2004 11:24:53 EST

Being up here in Michigan, the danger of / from these fish being released
into the wild is miniscule.

Yes, I hear you on the hybrids. I will ask for a Louisiana biogeography
lesson from Bob M.

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> Subj: Re: NANFA-- Flagfin-Bluehead hy....What!?
> Date: 2/21/04 10:57:57 AM Eastern Standard Time
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> Are you guys serious? I guess engineering native fish could be good for
> the hobby. Maybe the average Joe's will get turned on by a flashy new fish-
> start a cool water tank-go catch some of their own-get hooked,... but I
> don't see any valid reason to tamper with the creatures' natural
> .Never thought I would have to say this on THIS list though.
> I just want to express that there are reasons to NOT cross gene pools, and
> hope that anyone else considering this does some research first.. There is
> more to it than just making a purdier feesh.
> Mike
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