Re: NANFA-- Flagfin-Bluehead hy....What!?
Sun, 22 Feb 2004 13:28:30 EST

Info for all discussants:
1) I would destroy a healthy fish before I would release that fish into the
wild. And I am careful about who gets my fish.
2) If you are worried about accidental release, then no one should keep any
fish besides the fish native to your watershed (not even tropicals) .
3) I inquired about getting a couple male Blueheads in October. Since
minnows get old pretty fast, I went to plan B, hybridization - no additional fish
were removed from the wild, and a small piece of scientific knowledge was gained.

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> I too am really not that alarmed with this. Just to keep these fish
> usually takes a little more interest than the common person going to the
> and picking up some tropicals. With that tends to come some responsibility
> and knowledge into things that are of expressed concern. Even being
> growing out of them and releasing a few fish is such a drop in the pan of
> gene pool for so many of the continents fish. Releasing something that is
> local to the area well thats a whole different story and again I think is
> covered in the responsibilities that come with the territory of keeping
> natives. No body is playing God here either, so many hybridizations occur
> a natural basis, Lepomis, some shiners and minnows that require a chub to
> spawn so they can spawn, it can be somewhat of a mess down there, and an
> aqueas environment can be condusive to naturally occuring hybridizations.
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