Re: NANFA-- Flagfin-Bluehead hy....What!?

Mysteryman (
Mon, 23 Feb 2004 21:57:20 -0800 wrote:
> But, do the books advice really work? I've seen and read all the TFH books,
> etc. that only give very basic guidelines as for spawning tropical and
> neo-tropical species, and I take that advice with a "grain-of-salt" and don't really
> regard them as the "Gospel, or Koran" as it may be.
> I hate to be the "Devil's Advocate" here, but I've read many how-to books
> that really left a lot to be desired.
> BG
Are you serious? How old were the books you read? Many of the older
books 1960's-70's had plenty of detailed info in them.
You know, that's one thing that really annoys me. The books of today are
little more than fluff with lots of pretty pictures and little
substance. Even some of today's versions of great classics like the
Innes book leave out so much that they used to include. Oh, sure,
there's more fish to cover, but only at the price of saying less about
each one. I for one would dearly love to get the reprint rights to some
of those masterpieces and then print a new version which included all
the good stuff of yore plus the new knowledge of today presented just as
completely. I'd make a mint.
Alas, I'll have to settle for simply writing a new book as good as the
old time greats. ( and hope that anyone could actually afford the
finished product ) Hmm.... You know what? To that end, I hereby declare
my intent to do just that. Who wants a piece of this massive action?
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