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Mach Fukada (
Mon, 23 Feb 2004 22:00:44 -1000

The rainbows are not that difficult to spawn. Even here with our mild
winters (40 F would be the lowest and only over night at most), they have
been going non-stop all fall-winter. So I am not too certain how much of a
cold period is needed. I stoped colecting eggs. Got to be way too many fry
to take care of really quickly. But the discussion on the blue nose shiners
is very helpful. I tried these guys once and didn't have much luck. But I
didn't try the system as described. In looking at it it is the basic
formula used to spawn most barbs, tetras, or my favorite the meteor minnow.
I wonder if the tank was just partitioned so that the male could see the
females, but not access them, if that would increase the spawning. This is
what I did to get huge spawnigs of the meteor minnows. Partition a tank,
seprate sexes, feed them good, keep them cool, change water, then let them


Date: Mon, 23 Feb 2004 22:02:21 -0800
From: Mysteryman <>
Subject: Re: NANFA-- rainbow Shiners

Yet another supposedly cuckoo spawner spawning without a host nest.
Yep, it's looking better and better for welakas all the time.

Bob, you be careful with those fry! I'm sure a whole lot of us are
chomping at the bit to get some from you. I know I am.

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