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> How much do you think a shovel nose sturgeon would cost? They only get to
> 24"? In the 1993 edition of the Axelrod Aquarium Atlas it lists its size
> 250 centimeters. Axelrod's book is pretty good, but I don't think many
> people
> keep salmon or lampreys as pets.
The world record for Scaphirhynchus platorynchus is about 39" but like most
fish most individuals seldom approach the world record. Most Scaphirhynchus
platorynchus are in the 24 to 30" range and captive individuals stay below that
mark in the 18 to 24" range. I happen to have a good idea how much shovelnose
sturgeon fingerlings cost and so will you when I start selling them. They will
cost somewhere around 5 to 10 dollars each. Salmon and lampreys I don't have
any idea about.

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