Re: NANFA-- Jumpin' Out

R. W. Wolff (
Sun, 29 Feb 2004 19:15:10 -0600

I went out to the marsh both days this weekend, since it was finally nice
out, and that white filth of winter is receding. Nice to see bare ground
again. Monotous white is just sickening.

Most places had lots of fish, but a few it was sad. Water levels were either
lowered, or got lower due to the drought of last year. Winter kill. Another
reason winter is the worst and most dreadful season there is. It can
certainly be done without.

I caught lots of isopods today, along with cadis larvae. Brought them home
for a treat for my fish.

Fish I caught:
Golden shiner
tadpole madtom
yellow bullhead
black bullhead
central mudminnow
yellow perch
iowa darter

Not a good selection , but pretty good coming mostly from one spot. I
skipped netting alot of places and just enjoyed being outside without tons
of coats , caps and gloves on. Again, winter sucks, everything about it
does. This is the first time we have seen 50 degree weather... for sure in
2004. Probably since November.

In Cranberry Creek the iowa darters and small sunfish were all over the
shore in grass hanging in the water. Something large was aggressivly hunting
them, probably and northern pike this time of year. It went out from shore,
turned, making a large wake the entire way. Then it sat for a bit, and then
took off downstream when I moved leaving a respectable boil on the surface.

Ray W.
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