Re: NANFA-- Mudminnows, Franklin Co OH 2-28-2004

Todd Crail (
Sun, 29 Feb 2004 23:13:36 -0500

They were pretty darned lethargic. I don't think they were doing much of
anything. In fact, I started having better success once I realized they
weren't moving, and took my time stomping and giving them time to actually
get into the net.

I caught that same nice pickerel again today at Langenderfer, in the same
clump of grass. Guess that's his honey spot :)

Also added white sucker and black bullhead to the Langenderfer species list
for this weekend. Not nearly the number of darters today... I think they
didn't like the primate with the net stomping them out of their covies and
ripping them up into the air to suit his fancies.

I'm curious to check out the "white sucker" I picked up yesterday in Drennan
Ditch. He looked funny when I checked today for a quick ID. I need to get
him in a tank and see if it isn't a young spotted sucker. That would be
noteworthy :)

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Subject: NANFA-- Mudminnows, Franklin Co OH 2-28-2004

> At 11:12 PM -0500 2/28/04, Todd Crail wrote:
> >Talk about specific habitat! I'm not sure where the heck they
> >(mudminnows) were hiding, but they were _only_ found over sand, at
> >the bank, with a _little_ bit of vegetation hanging over. They must
> >have been hanging in crayfish holes or something.
> I wonder if they come out into more open areas so they can see each
> other in preparation for spawning. Kind of sizing each other up,
> competing for territory? I wonder what proportion of males versus
> females you were catching. Was it mainly the males that were in the
> less sheltered areas along the bank? I'm also jealous of your
> pickerel finds. Mike, Lee, Silas and I met at Delaware reservoir
> Saturday, but no luck. The water was _way_ down, and all of the
> weedy shore areas where the pickerels were last summer were high and
> dry. Then we went to a place on Big Darby that was productive last
> year and struck out there. Maybe smaller water places where
> pickerels live are easier to work this time of year. Again, the
> marginal vegetation was rotted down to nubs, and even though there
> was plenty of water, there were no pickerels seen there. Did see:
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