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mcclurg luke e (
Sat, 1 Jan 2000 06:53:19 -0600 (CST)

In Kansas, there are two strains of Speckled Chub. One sub-species lives
in the Kansas River and it's tributaries in the northern half of the
state. The Kansas or "Kaw" river is a tributary of the Missouri. To the
south lives the other sub-species. This one is listed as endangered. I
don't remember if that is a state or federal listing though. It is found
in the drainages of the Arkansas River (or was anyway). The Arkansas has
suffered greatly over the past century from too many people taking too
much water out of it. The Arkansas River Shiner (Notropis girardi <I
think is it's scientific name>) is probably gone or close to it in Kansas
now. The Kaw is in trouble in a different way. Federal reservoirs,
channelization and "modern" agricultural and industrial interestes have
been at war with the river for decades now. The Kaw is the river system
in which Topeka Shiners, Pallid Sturgeons and other species once thrived.
Sadly, no more. Clean up efforts are underway or being discussed,
unfortunately it may be too late for some species.

Just airing a few thoughts this morning...


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