Re: NANFA-- Speckled chub

Bruce Stallsmith (
Sun, 02 Jan 2000 12:09:02 EST

Thank you Dave, I suspected there was a substantial history to the
systematics of these fish which I'm sure will continue to unfold. I've seen
references to Dave Eisenhour's work, I might ask for a copy of his
dissertation from Southern Ill. as well as tracking down some journal

I caught two other fish in Scottsboro last Tuesday. One from further
upstream I'm sure is a Sawfin Shiner. The other one from the same riffle as
the speckled chub still puzzles me. I think it's also a Sawfin, but it's
larger than others I've seen; same form, coloration, position of fins (from
what I can observe) but about 50% larger than Sawfins should be by my
understanding. I have to go look deeply at him again today or tomorrow.
Killifish and centrarchids are relatively easy to tell apart; I'm finding
that an area of high cyprinid diversity can be a challenge. (Or, bring on
the darters!)

--Bruce Stallsmith
Huntsville, AL, US of A

>>Secondly, has anyone kept this species (or member of this species group)?
>>Mine is still freaked out in a 10 gal. tank, but that should pass.
>Yeah- if you have a riffle tank w/ sand or pea-gravel substrate they do
>pretty well. Incidentally, it's also a good way to keep Ammocrypta.
>That close to the mainstem Tennessee, I'm not surprised you found them.
>So what was your other fish?

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