Re: NANFA-- Bryozoan care help needed
Mon, 3 Jan 2000 01:26:21 EST

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<< I found a tan-colored invert that looked like jello with
fingers washed up on the shore. I suspect it is Ambiguous
Bryozoan (Anguinella palmata). It's currently sitting in
a 2.5g brackish tank. Not knowing much about bryozoans,
I figured they were filter feeders and dropped in a little
liquid baby fish food to get an infusoria culture going. >>

This makes me wonder about freshwater bryozoans. I have heard about
gelatinous bryozoans and I believe that they inhabit fw as well as salt water
; I'm curious as to whether they occur in the mid-Michigan area. I think I
saw something like this coating twigs and tree branches in a nearby creek,
but for all I know it could be a species of slime mold or some kind of wierd
organic scuzz.Speaking of slime molds, has anyone tried maintaining them in
aquaria? I have observed what I've been told is some sort of slime mold
growing in ditches ; it's green, fragile , gelatinous, and seems to grow
strictly on dead aquatic plants.The "bryozoans", if indeed they are, were
more brownish in color and some of them looked like they had finger-like
growths coming off of them.

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