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D. Martin Moore (
Mon, 3 Jan 2000 10:06:29 -0600

> Hi ... I've been watching too much Steve Irvin lately, and
> it's made me want to hear some crazy collecting experiences
> y'all have had,

Not an animal encounter per se, but this brings to mind an episode
Ithat occurred during my college years. I used to go collecting with
a good friend of mine who was not not exactly into fish, but enjoyed
our expeditions. There was this place known locally as "the Georgia
Power Dam". The flow below the dam was divided into two
sections: the main river where the turbine outflow was, and
another flow which was the overspill. The two flows were divided
by a sort of levee, and you had to cross the main flow to get to the
overspill area, which was the desirable spot because of the
numerous rocky pools there. We didn't have a boat so we had to
wade the chest-high water with the aid of a rope someone had
string across the river (I'd say it was about 30 yards across, or
something like that). Anyway, on the trip over the current was
moderate but wadable. But during our excursions on the other side,
they opened the gates and when I tried to cross again the current
was quite strong. It took me about 30 minutes to make the
crossing, with the rope strained to the breaking point. It was all I
could do to hold on, and I almost had to toss the gear several
times. When I finally made it across, I yelled to my friend on the
other bank that he should NOT attempt to do the same.
Fortunately, he was able to hitch a ride on a friendly fishing boat.
That was not an experience I ever care to repeat.

NB: In most states it is illegal to collect "baitfish" within a given
distance from a dam.



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