Re: NANFA-- Sheatfish

Dave Neely (
Mon, 03 Jan 2000 12:55:31 CST

>I realize this probably isn't a native
>fish, but I had never heard of a sheatfish before, and though the experts
>on this list might have some help for me on this one.
>In general what's the largest a lake/FW fish can get?


I could be wrong, but I think the name sheatfish refers to the Eurasian wels
catfish (Silurus glanis)... and they get really, really big (4m, 200+kg ?).

I think the largest known FW fish is the Chinese paddlefish, (Psephurus
gladius). Maximum length is reputed to be in the range of 7m (21+ ft),
although that has been disputed by some authors. They have a sword-shaped
rostrum and are piscivores, in contrast to the NA paddlefish.

A close runner up are the various large sturgeon- Huso huso, Acipenser
transmontanus, and Acipenser oxyrinchus (and others, I think) are all known
to approach or break the 6m mark.


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