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Mon, 3 Jan 2000 22:57:41 EST

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<< The Lake Sturgeon,

_Acipenser fulvescens_, which can grow to 2.7 m at maturity at least in
verifiable modern records. Such a fish weighs 400 lbs. In the 1880s, there
were believable reports of sturgeon being taken in the Cahaba River in
Alabama that weighed 850 pounds and had to be removed from the water by
teams of mules.

This may be an on-going Alabama slant on my part, I admit.

--Bruce Stallsmith
Huntsville, AL
"where the fish are often still Jurassic" >>

Nothing wrong with your Alabama slant; it just shows enthusiasm for the
region you represent, which is good. In fact, I was going to suggest the very
same species, and I suppose that being from the land of the Great lakes that
I could be accused of a Michigan slant for proposing the lake sturgeon as the
largest NA fw fish.

Richard Hopper

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