Re: NANFA-- Marine natives
Sat, 8 Jan 2000 23:21:10 EST

My dad owns a fishing boat out of SF Bay. I've seen some wild looking fish
come in on the lines. I have seen Moray eels bigger than 6' in captivity, of
course to do even a small wolf eel justice (I assume at some stage they are
small) you would have to start with at least 90 and go to 180 in a couple of
years, cooler of course. But to plan for their old age, would not only mean
cold but at least 500 gallons. I've seen morays that really became cool pets
but I always thought they looked like they needed a bigger tank, 180 gal.
just didn't look big enough. I was seriously thinking of the small type
(unless I win the lottery!) like a fish called a "sturgeon poacher" or some
sculpins, mudsuckers or lumpsuckers. But if I did win the lottery and also
since I build aquariums I can see a tank containing a pair of wolf eels maybe
a lingcod, giant sea bass, yellow eye sea bass, vermilion rock fish since we
are wishing maybe a "King of the salmon" but 30,000 gallon aquariums are out
of my league for now. You ever see any of the small fish I mentioned? I would
love to see a couple of your fish photos, have you ever seen a giant octopus?


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