Re: NANFA-- feeding marine crabs

Richard Bell (
Sun, 09 Jan 2000 21:10:45 PST

I keep several different crabs and have found that they go through periods
where they show no interest in food, I get concerned for their health and
then they perk up and get hungry again. This feeding behavior is more common
in my decorator crabs and sharp-nosed crabs. The shore crabs and hermit
crabs seem to always be hungry.

You may want to try some commercial preparations for variety. My crabs seem
to like Formula one.

Hope this helps.


Shireen wrote:
>Hi... I have a small marine crab who is a picky eater.
>He was doing fine on krill and frozen silversides for
>the last 2 months. But for the past few days he hasn't
>been eating. Today, I placed a piece of silverside in
>front of him, turned away for a minute to wash my hands,
>and when I returned, the little brat had ejected the
>fish out of his "territory!" It was quite comical, like
>a kid throwing a temper tantrum.
>I don't think he's sick. He seems active and healthy-
>I'll try clams next, I guess. But I was wonderin--what
>else could I feed Mr. Fuzzy?
>BTW, I have no idea what species he is. He's not in
>any of my field guides. He hitch-hiked into my life in
>some Florida Gulf maricultured live rock. (I had to
>remove him from my reef tank because he was killing the
>other inverts). Interesting looking fella--has these
>little hairs all over his carapace, hence the dumb name.
>And quite nasty too, 3 weeks ago, he reduced a sea
>urchin to a pile of spikes...
> Shireen

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