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<< > Thanks Shireen. But this has to be something I have
> hunted/gathered myself. I'd hate to have to hunt a whole
> Ox just for one or two crock pots of soup.

Is this an initiation rite into some kind of club, or are
you trying to impress a girl with your hunting prowess?
Come now, if it _has_ to be turtle meat, there is nothing
wrong with buying canned turtle meat at a gourmet store.
You can claim you caught the turtle, and yes, you even
canned it yourself! Oooh! I'd be impressed! ;-)

Maybe for the following month, you can try hunting some
snipe. It's a lot easier, you just need a burlap sack
and a lot of patience... >>

It is an annual feast with friends who have been doing it for the last 10
years. Has to be something I hunted/gathered myself. Good idea about
telling them I also "canned" it myself, but I'd rather just follow the rules.
Particularly since I was one of the founders of the feast who set the rules.

Snipe is out of season here in Indiana right now. :>

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