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<< I haven't seen the show but it sounds very interesting. It would be neat
look at it from the standpoint of comparing the deep lakes wrecks with ocean
wrecks and the creatures that inhabit each. That's one reason I am
in lake bakial in Russia. This lake is supposed to contain many marine
species that have adapted to freshwater. >>

That's exactly what I was thinking ; the whole scene of the sunken ship with
its fish inhabitants was reminiscent of an ocean wreck and I thought that it
was a neat variation on the usual ocean shipwreck thing. I would like to see
more video footage of Great Lakes aquatic life ; I heard that there's
supposed to be freshwater sponges in there as well as freshwater jellyfish
and freshwater feather duster worms.Seeing a spoonhead and deepwater sculpin
would be pretty cool, too.
The only things I know about Lake Baikal is that it has freshwater seals and
it's supposed to have some interesting sculpin species.

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