RE: NANFA-- Collecting Equipment?

Hoover, Jan J WES (
Tue, 11 Jan 2000 10:18:39 -0600

>>>electrofishing is great for surveys, but not ideal for
collecting live specimens. There is some mortality involved.<<<

Just read an article on this topic.

A recent study evaluated lethal effects of electroshocking and live-trapping
on greenside darters (Etheostoma blennioides). Mortality from
electroshocking ("electrofishing" to be more politically correct) was low (<
10%) and usually delayed (6 days after shock). Authors compared their
results with those from a study of fantail darters (E. flabellare) and
bluegill and concluded that intensity and duration of shock were both
factors in causing mortality (from burns, gill-flaring [?], and spinal
damage). Mortality from live-trapping, however, was high (74%) and also
delayed (4-7 days after trapping). Fish died from fungal infections.

The study suffers from some experimental design problems (no replicates, no
controls), but demonstrated that live-trapping may not be as harmless as it

Trap, by the way, was a commercially manufactured, 5 mm wire mesh pot trap.
Authors suggest that coated traps or traps made from other materials may not
be as harmful to fish.

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