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<< I wondered, "wouldn't
it be fun to have a recipe book for fish?" >>

I think that would be a great idea, especially in the context of creating
fish recipes with different fish species' dietary requirements in mind.They
could of course include a species-specific blended mixture of foods that the
fish eat in the wild or a suitable substitute which supplies the same types
and amounts of nutrients. It would be really unique in the context of it
being a native fish-food recipe book.What would really help it be as useful
as possible would be the input of as many scientific persons as possible to
get as accurate an idea as possible what foods the fish will need and how
much of it each day, as well as aquarists who through their experimentation
will often discover foods that are enjoyed by fishes that the scientists
might not otherwise be aware of.

Btw, I have a nutritional question related to "herbivorous" fishes,
specifically yellow-belly
goodeids (Ilyodon furcidens). I have been told that blackworms and the like
are not good foods for them because they are too fattening ( with that
particular species' coiled intestines I could believe it would be detrimental
by plugging up its insides due to undigested elements of the worm, if it
really is such a bad food). However, the dark lateral stripe doesn't seem
well defined unless these worms are fed to it, so this leads me to believe
that black worms must have necessary nutrients that it's not getting from its
other foods (frozen shrimp I got from a grocery store and Ocean Nutrition
Formula Two frozen food for algae-eating fish). Plus all the fish I have seem
to go nuts over them. I'm wondering if black worms truly are bad for this
fish and if there is a suitable substitute or if I should compensate by
giving him foods that act like a laxative such as daphnia or brine shrimp to
attempt to purge its intestines of undigested worm matter (if any). I realize
btw that "herbivores" are not strictly herbivorous and often seem to prefer
animal matter over algae and plants, but merely need plant matter in their
diet because they are adapted for it.

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