Re: NANFA-- OT: African Butterfly Fish

Dave Neely (
Wed, 12 Jan 2000 12:02:08 CST


>Dave, do any libraries in Alabama receive the Bulletin of the MCZ?

UA-Tuscaloosa sunscribes to it.

>Anyway, my own bibliographic adventure of the day was receiving a copy of
>David Eisenhour's dissertation on the systematics & variation >of the
>_Machrybopsis aestivalis_ complex west of the Mississippi. >I'll catch up
>on the western variants of speckled chub. (My wife >thinks I'm crazy...)

Hey, have you read his _M. tetranema_ paper in the Dec issue of Copeia?
This might seem picky, but he refers to _M. hyostoma_ throughout as a valid
species, but nowhere has it been formally elevated to species status yet.
This seems somewhat problematic.

Also, I don't know how stats-proficient you are, but what do you think about
running PCA on the means (!) of a data set (instead of the raw data itself),
and then expressing wonder when they separate completely along all axes...
I'm not trying to slam his study, it's certainly the most thorough treatment
of the group ever done (and is VERY thorough!). I just don't understand why
one would use this method...


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