Re: NANFA-- Are lampreys fishes?
Wed, 12 Jan 2000 14:35:38 EST

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<< You must also remember that the term "fish" in itself has no phylogenetic
meaning. Lampreys are as different from sharks and true fishes as they are
humans. Heck, even lungfishes are more closely related to mammals than they
to other fishes. >>

I knew that lampreys were considered to be vastly unrelated to sharks and
especially to bony fishes but I always thought it was in a way roughly
similar to how shrews are different from oxen which are different from
primates (though lampreys,sharks,ect. would obviously be more widely sundered
from each other in their relationship to each other).The thing about
lungfishes being related to mammals kind of blows my mind, but I can kind of
see it because the the sub-class that they belong to is the one which gave
rise to the amphibians.

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