Re: NANFA-- OT: African Butterfly Fish

Dave Neely (
Wed, 12 Jan 2000 16:43:42 CST


>I've just started reading Eisenhour's dissertation. He raises _M. hyostoma_
>to species level in his disseration...

That's my point. Dissertations aren't considered "published" material
appropriate for formal taxonomic recognition under the ICZN.

>... I suppose that by publishing it in Copeia it may be accepted as a new
>species; also Brooks Burr was chair of his >doctoral committee that
>approved his research, so that would seem to >lend weight to it.

M. tetranema, yes. M. hyostoma, no. To say that just because Brooks was his
PhD advisor that everything must be OK is not appropriate, either- that's
what the whole peer-review process is for. All of us botch stuff once in a

>As to the PCA, if he did what you say, using means instead of raw data, I
>would say that's an argument for Copeia to bite the bullet >and hire a
>statistics editor like _Ecology_ or other journals.

He did that in his dissertation, but corrected it in the Copeia article (it
probably got caught in review). There are some rather stat-savvy reviewers
that Copeia sends stuff to... (not me! :)


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