Re: NANFA-- OT: African Butterfly Fish
Thu, 13 Jan 2000 01:35:37 EST

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<< And my 2 cents on lampreys as fish or not -- the fact that they are
is a fundamental different between them and the true "fishes". They are
fish-like in many ways, but jaw structure is a major diagnostic character. >>

So you would not use the word "fish" even as a loose umbrella term to cover
non-amphibian, reptile, mammal, ect. vertebrates in the same manner that
invertebrates are used as an umbrella term for worms,mollusks, crustaceans
ect? What would you classify lampreys as? Merely Agnathans, or is there a
broader term that you would use to include other groups along with them?
Chris is calling them "fishes" in a very loose sense which still makes VERY
BIG distinctions between them, sharks,fishes like sturgeons, sunfishes,ect.,
but I'm under the impression that you would not even use the the word "fish"
to describe them even in a loose sense of the word.

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