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D. Martin Moore (
Thu, 13 Jan 2000 11:45:15 -0600

> to me about FW game fish and said that in spite of what size they may
> reach in the wild, in captivity they will not grow beyond a certain
> size in proportion to the size of the tank they're kept in. My
> questions are:
> A. Is this a correct assumption?

I've never found this to be true. In theory the fish won't grow
larger than the tank itself, but you could probably grow fish like
turnips if you provide adequate nutrition and environmental quality.
> B. Does it also apply to non-game FW fish?

See above.

> C. Is there anything close to a formula for determining this alleged
> growth limitation?

IMO, it's strictly related to food and environmental parameters. The
size of the container plays a part in this, but at least in theory this
could be overcome.

< Now, here comes Dave with a citation proving me wrong :-) >


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