NANFA-- Freshwater invert tank update
Thu, 13 Jan 2000 16:35:52 EST

My freshwater invert tank continues to do well. I have seen several young
ghost shrimp, the don't look much like the adults being almost like a clear
glass splinter moving slowly through the water. The dwarf crayfish are
reproducing, mating anyway, and I hope to see some small crayfish soon. I
found some odd looking growths in one of my oldest holding tanks that
resembled a leathery stalk with a small flower like non-retractable head. I
saw them feed on daphnia much like Hydra but they didn't withdraw like hydra
or like tube worms I am not sure what they were. Much to my dismay I have
found that the ghost shrimp eat these small sessile animals as well as hydra,
so now I am left with no hydra or the leathery stalks. maybe in it's next
incarnation I will leave out the large macro crustaceans and go for the
smaller animals. I look at the tank with a magnifying glass much of the time
anyway. the tank does have a population of cyclops, daphnia and other small
animals that are interesting by themselves. Right now I have a flare up of
bluegreen slime algae but it comes and goes regularly.


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