Re: NANFA-- RE: Algae question

Shireen Gonzaga (
Thu, 13 Jan 2000 22:08:30 -0500 (EST)

On Thu, 13 Jan 2000, B.G. Granier wrote:

> The leafy expansions seem to be clear, translucent globules of egg-masses
> somewhat. But their texture feels very grainy, like a really fine sand.
> It doesn't grow free of substrate like a plant or other long filementous
> algae material. IT JUST encrusts any smooth and hard surface.

Good grief, BG! What do you have growing in your
tank??? Can you take a close-up photo of it? Or
if you can send me a specimen, I'll try to
photograph it and post it somewhere so that world
experts can study it.

Right now, my best guess is this:
Once upon a time, aquatic Martians were peacefully
hibernating in rock pores near an ancient stream
during a Martian winter--
suddenly their rock was blasted off the Martian
surface by a powerful meteor collision--
it careened through space for millions of years--
then it got caught in Earth's gravity--
red alert! collison course with planet Earth!--
somehow the Martian rock survived re-entry
through Earth's atmosphere--
it came flying through an open window and
plopped into BG's tank--
Martians woke up, put out feeding tentacles,
and went "huh?"

Or maybe they're hydroids? Nah... definitely Martians,
call the Enquirer with an exclusive. This could be
the ultimate NANFA fundraiser. :-)

- shireen

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