NANFA-- at it again

R.W.Wolff (
Fri, 14 Jan 2000 01:48:00 -0600

I went in the fish room tonight to see my orange spotted sunfish fry were
ready to be siphoned off and put into anursery tank. Those little buggers
spawned again, so now I will have to wait until these eggs hatched, this
batch had more eggs than the last, so it is a good thing.
My Louisiana dollars have not hatched yet, I would think they should be
hatching tomorrow morning, but this tank is near the floor and in the 72
degree range, so maybe hatchin will be delayed?
the bantams are resting and getting ready to spawn again, the female is
plumping up, and I think the large male will win her over from the the two
smaller males in that tank again.
A female North Carolina dollar snuck through the egg crate divider with
the big male, he was not interested. No spawning activities here, oddly,
she was in perfect condition. She hid out in a small clump of java moss
that grows in the eel grass bed. I really want these to spawn, I havent
had luck with this strain for several years, and they are quite different
from the Mississippi valley ones. If my sunfish luck holds out, I may have
them spawn yet!
the red phase warmouth that I spawned several months ago are now nickel
to quarter sized , and showing red phase traits. this is good because I
was worried they may all turn out to be the normal color variation. This
is very exciting for me, as they may be a sub species, since all young are
like the adults. ( who am I to say that though ) would guess that if they
were a color morph, some of the young would be normaly colored. since ma
and pa red phase passed on, i will have to hope atleast a pair comes from
these, and F2's will be produced, meaning I can spread them to anyone
interested. I was hoping to do this with their second spawn, but they did
not seem to survive alone in the tank they were spawned in. Pa red died
shortly after their hatching, and ma was moved out to another tank.

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