Re: NANFA-- underwater camera

Dave Neely (
Mon, 17 Jan 2000 20:59:21 CST


>Do you or Jeff know where I can get a cheap mask and snorkel? I am >hoping
>to do a bit of creek snorkeling.

Your enjoyment will be improved 100x if you try the mask on first. Proper
fit is critical. You should be able to place the mask on your face, gently
inhale while keeping your mouth closed, look downward, and have the mask
stay in place with no leakage. Besides, supporting your local dive shop is
WAY better than supporting the Wal-Mart empire... ;)

Don't let dive store employees talk you into stuff you don't need- I'm
partial to a plain old low-volume mask w/o all the purges and fancy bells
and whistles, and a similar snorkel.

If you have facial hair, you may need to trim the area just above your
moustache and on the tops of your cheeks to get a good seal. Some people use
KY-jelly to improve the seal, but I found it didn't work on me (plus, I got
some REALLY weird looks in the pharmacy!). I wound up going clean-shaven so
I could concentrate on my dive w/o clearing my mask every minute or so.


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