NANFA-- Re: isopods

R.W.Wolff (
Tue, 18 Jan 2000 00:41:56 -0600

Yeah, scuds, look like doodle bus, tumble bugs, pill bugs , sow bugs,
whatever you want to call em. They are very beneficial, as they eat only
algaes and fungus. I guess killi keepers used to put them in there egg
incubating containers to keep fungused eggs in check. Gammurus dont work,
they eat egg and all. These are all great food for fish, and live in a
habitat that is usually rich in organic matter. When it is winter they are
much easier to catch since they are nearer to shore in shallow water. I
would think they go deep in the warmer times of the year. They also
reproduce readily in outdoor ponds/pools. Seed the pond with adults in the
spring, and by fall alot of these little critters will be crawling around
in the ooze at the bottom. I find it easier for feeding purposes to just
go out and scoop up some dead leaves and weeds and pick them out, or in the
winter, they are along the shore on rocks or concrete rip rap near
culverts that have current from percipitation. They arent noticed often,
then when you do, you find them alot!.

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