Re: NANFA-- Recipe book for fish... last call
Tue, 18 Jan 2000 18:36:52 EST

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<< A few of weeks ago, I posted a request for "recipes,"
that is, a compilation of different foods we could feed
our fish. I was hoping to hear from people, especially
suggestions on making gels, cultivating live foods, and
such, that could be compiled into a recipe book to be
sold for NANFA fundraising.

The response? Zero. One person very generously offered
to do some illustrations, tho' (Thanks Todd!).

So unless I get a flood of responses in the next couple of
days, this project is dead. If you think demand for such
a book would be low, let me know and I won't pursue
this any further. >>

I would like to suggest you add some basic live food culturing methods to the
book. I've never seen that many homemade fish food recipes and it may come
out to be a pretty small booklet. There are several folks on our list who
have been very successful with live foods and have already written much about

Have you thought much of how to market the book? A lot of local aquarium
clubs have websites. Seems like their is an organization out there (probably
in my archives somewhere) that has names and addresses of all or most of the
clubs. Perhaps we could get a club to purchase a batch of books and sell
them at meetings & auctions. It would certainly draw attention to NANFA to
folks already interested in fish.

Chuck Church
Indianapolis, Indiana USA

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