RE: NANFA-- Underwater observations (cameras)

Richard Bell (
Tue, 18 Jan 2000 21:24:59 PST


Yes, I've used the disposable cameras a great deal. My primary use for them
is for quick and dirty action shots while surfing. Since surfing is my main
passion and Photography is my profession, I choose to SURF when the surf is
good and not get wrapped up in the photography of I sometimes
take out one of these little disposibles so I won't have to worry about
leaving my expensive stuff hidden on the shoreline or in my car. I've shot
with them from shore, in the water while surfing and underwater as well.

Though they are pre-loaded with ASA 800 film, they still don't work very
well in low light. They do however work quite well in sunlight! I've been
very pleased with some of the results I've gotten with these cheap plastic
cameras in situations where I wouldn't want to be getting thrown around with
a heavy piece of equipment. As it is, I've been bloodied by even these
lightweight cameras.

My recommendations: Use only in bright light- sunny is best.
Don't go very deep with them if diving. Keep shallow for the light
penetration. And don't get too close since they don't focus closer than
about three feet (better check this)

I haven't seen a disposable with a built in flash, but, if there is
one....go for it!!!!

Have fun!!!!! That's what it's all about!!!


>From: "Whitlock, Steve" <
>I've missed some of the underwater photography discussion, so I apologize
>any of my questions have already been addressed.
>Anyway, I am in the process of purchasing a few "one-time use waterproof
>cameras" disposables.
>Well, has anyone had experience with these? Specifically, I'm wondering if
>the Fuji is better than the Kodak or visa versa. Additionally, I am
>to know if anyone has tried a disposable camera that has a flash and if it
>significantly helped the quality of pictures.
>Lastly, I am wanting any tips for taking pictures underwater.... how close
>to get, how much light is needed, how to approach fish, etc.
>Thanks in advance.


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