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Fri, 21 Jan 2000 10:26:04 EST

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<< "...And brooding there, the Devil, with the sole intent to mar,
Produced that foul abortion that we call the Billy Gar!

He took a slimy snake, and with a deft and devlish skill,
He fastened on some fins and then a long and saw-tooth bill;
Then breathing in its gaping jaws the instincts of a shark,
And the snarling, snapping malice of the cur without its bark,
He added the repulsiveness and the horror of the bat,
And a skillful, subtle blending of the vulture and the rat;
Then spat upon his handiwork - a loathsome, foul array,
And cast it in the waters there to lurk and prowl and prey..."

-- The Fable of the
Billy Gar >>

Interesting interpretation of the "billy gar". So gars are actually servants
of Satan, put on this earth for the sole malicious purpose of cruelly eating
smaller fishes to further the cause of evil (not because they need to eat or
anything). Btw, does anyone know what the hell "billy" in this context is
supposed to mean?

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