NANFA-- baby dollars

R.W.Wolff (
Fri, 21 Jan 2000 13:31:44 -0600

Unlike my bantam and orange spot spawns, which may have had to compete with
fry killifish I wasn't aware were in the tanks ( f. arouguttatus and
diaphnous menona respectivly) the baby dollars are doing great. They used
their yolk sacs up two days ago and are feeding on paramecium and
microworms. The bantam fry may have been duds, they didnt look very good
when they became free swimming ( competing with arouuguttatus) and the
orange spot fry tank is very weedy, so there is hope, though I do see
diaphnous swimming in there. the dollar fry are robust and active
swimmers. the unique thing about them is they are pink colored. I would
think this is due to there lineage, as the Mississippi basin dollars are
very deep orange to red ground color, and the atlantic version has a
greenish yellow ground color. Hopefully after a water change this weekedn
the bantams and orange spots will provide me with another spawn to work
with. I am running out of tanks with free space, so I will have to shuffle
killi fry to another stand if I can, there are only a dozen or less killi
fry in these tanks.

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