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D. Martin Moore (
Sat, 22 Jan 2000 22:38:19 -0600

The following are taken from _The Freshwater Fishes of Mississippi_,
by Fannye A. Cook, published in 1959. Common and scientific
names are taken from the text.

Creek chub, Semotilus atromaculatus:  This is a splendid bait 
minnow.  Its large size, the high quality of its flesh, and its gamey 
disposition make it a popular game species among young boys and 
negroes who fish along small streams.
Bluenose shiner, Notropis welaka: ...It is not only colorful but is 
hardy and spirited, and if transplanted to other suitable streams, of 
which there are many in the southern part of the state, would 
probably do well and become much more valuable.
Studfish, Fundulus catenatus: This species is apparently too 
restricted in its distribution in Mississippi at the present to be of any 
particular value.
Blackstripe topminnow, Fundulus notatus: This minnow was formerly 
an abundant forage species in Mississippi and was perhaps the most 
popular of all as bait.
Starhead topminnow, Fundulus notti: ...Its use for bait is not known.

This is a great book if you want a few chuckles! I should mention that Fannye worked for the Mississippi Game and Fish Commission.


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