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Tue, 25 Jan 2000 14:11:14 EST

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<< what's the URl for that web site? Sounds interesting. >>

I really like it. It even tells what species of fishes are found in the creek
just down the road from me. It mentions collections from the creek made by
Carl Hubbs back in the Forties. Not only that , many of the collections were
made in the same township I live in! I learned the answer to a question I had
for a while which was whether or not northern redbelly dace occur in my area
(they do, in the creek down the road from me). A most unexpectedly favorable
and precise answer.
One bad thing, though, after I get on the site and get to the part where I
look up different fishes' ranges, you get a choice of U of M, Cornell, and
Harvard's databases to conduct the search with. The bad part is, I have never
gotten a response from Harvard, and lately I have not gotten a response from
U of M, which has the most information out of the two remaining university
databases that I have seen. Cornell's is the only one that I can get a
response from and they from what I have seen always featured less locations
where different species were collected from. I really want to utilise U of
M's database to conduct a thorough survey of all the fish species recorded
from the Mistequay creek, which is the creek down the road from me.Whatever
legal species are available there are the ones I will target for breeding,
when I get a chance. And any species which are threatened or endangered,
especially if they are similar in appearance to any legal fish I plan on
getting, I want to study the identifying characteristics as much as possible
so that I can avoid accidentally taking them thinking that they are something

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